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Stupid Nikon - Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist — LiveJournal
Stupid Nikon
Dear Nikon,

I understand that you make probably the best lenses in the business. You use better glass, fewer elements, strong casing and high quality components. This pleases me as I have a Nikon camera. However, specifically stop production of the single most popular Nikkor lens, even for a little while so you can overstock the new d80 kit lens, what the fuck? I searched 5 stores and 7 online merchants and not ONE had that lens. None. I can't get it. No where.

I'm especially frustrated because I was willing to drop the extra 300 dollars for the VR stabilizing engine but your marketing practices suck. I could buy on eBay. They're selling for 50% more than cost. That's 1300 dollars, Nikon. So instead of waiting for you to decide to produce more of them, the lens that probably makes you a pretty penny, I'm going to buy equivalent lens from Sigma. See, they STOCK all their lenses well.

In fact, I'm going to take the money I had saved for this one lens and buy both the 18-200 AND the 10-20. Because I can. Because Sigma and all their vendors will have it.

So in all Nikon, I love your camera. But good lord you fucking hate your customers. So die like whoa from choking on my disjointed, surly LJ post.

Current Music: Team America: World Police - I'm so Ronery.

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