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I am boring.

I was going to steal a meme from alibee, that auto generated 50 question thing with your f-list but the amount of high school-esque questions annoyed me. Only the first one was fun. No, I'm not going to tell you what it was. :) But... it was hot.

I'm glad it's Friday but I'd really like to be home. I can't focus and I don't want to work. I'd rather be researching more money market options, though it seems 99% certain that I should go with I have my 401k with them plus they charge no fees for the self managed brokerage accounts. They'll only hit me when I start trading in stocks - a while off yet - and that's not too bad until you top 120 trades a month and $300,000 total assets (not sure if its total or in stocks alone).

And it's really hard not to buy a Macbook right now. I have enough money in savings for that and a mediocre emergency cash buffer. But gotta wait. Next month promises to be profitable with certification bonuses and potential Xmess bonuses. But... Aperture 1.5 is so sexy....

I think I'm even starting to bore myself with this. No wonder my LJ has been dead recently. You'll be back when I'm rich. Oh yes. You will be.

Saturday: Choose and print portfolio.

Sunday: We're meeting at The Mediterranean Cafe (Google map) around noon for lunch. This will be followed by the MMoCA, probably around 1. I'll be staying for the talk at 3, most likely.

fencert: Would you be available Sunday to view your picture? I can stop by your place around 11:15 or we could meet on state at some point afterward. I can quote you price now as well for the print without framing.

Dance like a monkey!
In my slack, I keep for getting to post this link:
Strobist (Less gear. More brain. Better light) reviews Best Business Practices for Photographers.
Oh yeah. I watched Grey's Anatomy last night. Um... why do people like tis show so much? It's ER + Scrubs, I guess.... The plot follows the same structure of House but I like the characters less and don't laugh as much.
So why did I watch 4 episodes of season 1? I don't know. It may be that Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigl and Uh.. that Pompeo person... you know, the main star.. are hot. Yeah, maybe that's it.
From via
102 Personal Finance Tips Your Professor Never Taught You.
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