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I would devour Donald Trump if it means side-stepping the learning process.

All this investment research is breaking my brain. (Yes, I'm working too).
Drips and drops and indices and funds and bonds and munis. 8% return minus inflation, padded with I Bonds and stocks....
It makes me want to drop it all in the S&P 500 and forget about it. Though a few (like 2) well chosen stocks would be good too. Blah.

Did you know that you're not planning your finances right? At all? Apparently neither was I, even though I'm debt free and have some money relaxing in a savings account. No no no.... stick that into a check-writable mutual account, not a fund, and get a slightly better return than saving. Meanwhile, drop as much as possible into short term investments - short equals 5 years (that's more than 20% of my life, people) - so you can pull them out when you need them. But don't forget your cushion cash and money when you retire. When are you retiring? As little as 1% change in contributions will result in hundreds of thousands of dollars down the line! In 30 years! HI. I don't know how to think in terms of "thirty years from now!"

Want something in two years? Can't do it with a useful return.
What about a few months? Might as well stuff it in a mattress

I don't make enough money to save for retirement, a house, car repair, the new computer I desire and new lenses for my camera. I'd need like twice my salary to do that in a safe way.
Either my interpretation of the reading is wrong or the normal audience for these investment sites is ten years older than me (and they've all had consistent and reliable increases in salary). These sites laugh at my chump change would-be investment capital.

Mutha fuckin' OY!
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