The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Harvest moon

Harvest moon
Originally uploaded by ABMann.
It would seem that one of my photos has hit the "interestingness" explorer in Flickr. I'm thinking it is this one as I don't think I had that extra tick in my Flickr module thingy in my profile. I haven't checked in the last few days; this also assumes that the interestingness feature grabs photos on teir upload date and not any of them that hit suddenly satisfy the algorithm

Anyone have any idea how to find out which one? I'm curious what made it and potentially why. :)

Dear Weather,

Stop sucking so I may phlog.


Mask from Ghana.
I set the mask up in the last light this evening in order to get strong shadows across the mask's surface. There was a little background detail that I burned away to keep the stark contrast.

I made a channel mixer later with an emphasis on the blue (highlight) and the green (mid tone) since I wanted dark black everywhere else. Overtop I recopied the base layer and set it to color blend at 75%. That gives it the wood glow.
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