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Tethered for the season.

Tethered for the season.
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I'm going phlogging tomorrow. So far I'm defaulting to Olbrich but am in search of other places to consider. Suggestions.

I've been looking through my photos recently. I suddenly have far more people shots than anything else. I recall about a month ago complaining about how terrible I was a people. I blame this improvement squarely on smed and thegman169 asking me to take their engagement photos. I spent the weeks prior photographing people like mad to prepare. Bastards.

I think street photography is quickly becoming my preferred mode with macro likely coming in second. This probably means I should investigate lens for either of these purposes but of course, I won't. I've decided squarely on the Sigma 10-20 super wide. Traditionally super wides are landscape lenses - which is an area I seem to be lacking - but I'm more interested in applying a super wide to street and portraiture.

The former example shows how you can capture things on the sly since the camera wouldn't be pointing at the person but further shows the breadth of capture and the potential fun with distortion. The first few of the former are just neat and I get a "I wanna do that" vibe when I see them. :)

But damn if the $600 for the lens is hard to gather. I keep putting money in savings and its getting hard and harder to justify remove any for something like this; especially when I want a Macbook.

Any one want to buy some prints? :) Everything in my Flickr stream is printable. I'm currently testing if they can be blown up to 20x30 and will know how well that works tomorrow. I'm excited!

Either way, I know many of you like my pictures so why not use them to get me another lens?

Think about it. You know how to contact me!
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