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Metal Screwposts

This is my new portfolio cover:

It is sleek and will match my inevitable MacBook.

I've been trying to choose pictures to put in it. I'm limiting myself to 12 to 15, shooting for 12. I'm trying to choose a progression of sizes and theme. So far i'm thinking of starting with either the tomato or the skewed capitol picture and ending with the other. I figure from there I can progress between organic to in organic with steps in size of subject heading towards either spectrum end.

I'd try to group black and white photos as well as tose that are highly digitally altered, if I even include those. I'm haven't made a decision about the lomo photos. some or really good but they'd likely not fit in with the rest... well unless I were to include a group of lomo photos in there. That may work.

What would you do? Include the fake lomography or are they too close to digital art to include in a mostly photography portfolio? It is mimicking a photographic style and they are among my favorites in all my stuff. I'm just not sure it's the image I want to portray.
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