The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
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Alien chickens?

I had really bizarre dreams last night involving raising baby chickens which turned into impressively attractive humans, falling in love with two of these humans, relationships, amazing sex and then fleeing the planet because they were actually aliens but getting left behind from the rocket because of reasons I can't remember.

I also slept terribly last night. Kept waking up every few hours, mostly from cat noises. I hate that Ginger grooming herself on the end of the bed is loud enough to wake me up. Or Poe drinking from the cat fountain is loud enough to wake me up.

Bah. Back at work. Lots to do still. I hate deadlines.

To do tonight if I'm home before 8, starting Dad visit prep:
Start Laundry.
Clean bedroom.
Clean bathroom.
Clean living room?

Finish as needed on Friday.
Hopefully leave work at 7 and hit the gym....
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