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Know what sucks?

Coming to work after the gym and finding that the reports you need to use for your testing won't turn on.

On the plus side.. if this is a plus... the trainer thinks I have more fat to lose. That means the jiggle can be cured and it isn't (as much) stretched skin (as previously thought) from years of hyper-obesity. So, that's good. The plan is now minimum four days a week, two days cardio for minimum 50 minutes, and two days weights alternating legs and everything else. This is, surprisingly, the same course I put myself on when I was first doing tis that got me to lose those 60+ pounds.

I was on the elliptical machine for 55 minutes tonight.... though it didn't hurt as much as expected. That's also good. I burned 600 calories.
Tomorrow, i think, will be obliques and above at less weight with 12 reps. No idea how many sets. I think its as many as I can do.
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