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This is a pumpkin. It goes "pump pump pump."

Midnight pumpkin
Originally uploaded by ABMann.
I managed not to stay until 9 yesterday, instead leaving around 6:30 due to a few things taking 50% less time than expected. This is good but I still worked 11ish hours. Woo!

Similar stuff today though I eventually have to leave for class. You know, I really should study outside of class if I want to pick this stuff up faster. As it is, I can usually pronounce Irish words I see but their meaning is mostly lost on me. And I keep having phrases running through my head like, "Tá mé go bréa!" (I am doing well) and "Dia's Muire duit!" (God and Mary with you/Hello). It's both fun and frustrating.

This one was fun. I cropped maybe 100 pixels off the top and left edge. I did the normal contrast/brighten/curves/levels thing that any Photoshopper does (comment if you want a more full explanation).

So, I originally took this at 2 pm. It was a very clear day, bright and shiny. The pumpkin was very orange and pumpkin-y. Kinda dull, though a nice picture. I took a spin through the channels and saw that the blue channel was frickin' cool. Blue channels in full color pictures usually consist of upper mid and highlight tones, so whites and highlights. Since 80% of a pumpkin's spectrum is in the mid to low range, looking at the blue range alone I had a black pumpkin. It look really, really neat so I made a blue 80%, green 30% and red 10% monochrome channel mixer to kill the color which I ten set to an opacity of 66%.

The result, which you see above, is what I figure the pumpkin would look like if I'd taken the photo at midnight under a full moon. Kind of spooky and a little washed out but highly detailed.

I likes it. I'll try to go back tonight adn post the black pumpkin which is also really cool.

Anyone know of a post office or shipping place near State st? I need to mail a CD.
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