The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man


Muddy Grammar - lomo/xprocess
Originally uploaded by ABMann.
Go Bears!
40-7 over the Bills.
Undefeated. Muahaha.

Slept terribly last night. I kept waking cold sweats and the cats tearing around the house all night. I think it's the blanket which doesn't breath at all but I likes it so much otherwise. Don't want to switch back to the blanket Fox steals from me. :)

Another week of late work nights. Busy ass week too. Class, fitness assessment, Dad visiting. Gotta clean on Friday and plan some events for Saturday beyond convincing my Dad to take everyone to L'Etoile. Need to take photos to the printers for fencert. Find portfolio book.

Deadline on the 19th. Patient Safety Issue resolution committee the same day. Gotta prep for that too. Hrmmm.


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