The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Cannon core encampment

Cannon core encampment
Originally uploaded by ABMann.
Still sick but I don't feel like my head is encased in a bowling ball of phlegm any more. That's a plus. I'm also glad that the fruit juice is free so I have an unlimited supply of OJ. Lots of vitamin C. However, I'm not thrilled by the extra calories. 170 per can.

Who decided that Vit C is good to fight colds? Linus Pauling? Sure he could tell ya all you want about bond valences but he didn't do that much research into Vit C. He did say, though, that taking 1 gram a day will decrease the incidence of colds by 45%. How precisely will that help someone who is already sick?

Maybe if I sneeze hard enough I'll dislodge the microbes.

I wonder of Roc Ordman had a thing for Pauling.
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