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Cannon core

Cannon core
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Bears win by 31 points.
heh heh heh
I'm looking forward to the second Bears/Packers game on Dec 31st.

At work. So exciting. Full of donuts.

It is raise time. I have to go meet with the head accountant to pick up my team mate's check. We're supposed to present the raise checks to our teams when they come out. I'm guessing it's supposed to personalize it and give the team lead's some of the credit. When I got mine last year, I didn't associate it at all with my team lead. Granted, it was the same month I became a team lead (It's already been a YEAR) and he was kind of a jerk.

Funny, though, I'm the only one who doesn't have horror stories about him. He and I got along. Talking to some of his previous team though... wow, he may have been Satan. Well, at least satan's dog, Pepe.

Feeling good. Gonna crash from the sugar soon, though.

Finish review (work remotely)
write att least one test plan (remote)
Edit pictures for Smed and TheGman
Fix CD burner.
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