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This weekend has been all kinds of good especially after such a long week. So good that I'm looking forward to going to work tomorrow and having a week very similar to last.
Yeah. Weird.

    Good things this weekend include:
  • Lazy Friday night of frozen pizza and Gilmore Girls.
  • Listening to NPR from 8AM to 4:30pm Saturday.
  • During which I cleaned up a bit, played with cats and organized photos.
  • When lady_fox got home we played Funny Farm until
  • smed and thegman169 arrived for their photo shoot.
  • Photo shoot.
  • Weary Traveler after photo shoot.
  • Greenbush Bakery after Weary Traveler.
  • Lunch with fencert today.
  • fencert planning to buy this photo and potentially others.
  • A very well pulled espresso.

There's something fishy going on with my paycheck though. One of a few things may have happened, assuming my math is correct. Now, I had set up my check to get split in two. One portion goes to the house account (about 400 for rent and utilities) and the rest to my checking account. It was working last month; but looks as if the entire amount of my monthly check was deposited to my checking tis month. So... possibly someone screwed up and the direct deposit didn't work right. If that's the case, it still doesn't account for a few hundred dollars. If that's the case, I got a very nice raise this year - better than last year's raise.

Now, if the check was split between the two accounts properly that means I got a RIDICULOUS raise and will have to find new, richer friends that can understand tis sort of money. :P

I'm guessing accounting screwed up with the check splitting; not sure abut the the raise as I never remember what month it kicks in. But man am I hoping for the last scenario. :)

Things are good. There's even a Bears game tonight Fox and I will be watching.

RE: Funny Farm. The point is to play with friends. If you want to start using the path Fox and I have illuminated, click on the "save game" button on the form and paste this link into the "Merge" box. It's collaboration. Not cheating. We're pretty stuck on some of them map screens but it's a damn fun game.

Photo: Taken last month at the Platteville encampment. I totally forgot to upload it. Notice the man talking to the "native" and what he is carrying. :)
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