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Potted plants, porn and work.

Potted plant
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If you don't know about Alan Moore's Lost Girls, you should.

"Certainly it seemed to us [Moore and Gebbie] that sex, as a genre, was woefully under-represented in literature. Every other field of human experience—even rarefied ones like detective, spaceman or cowboy—have got whole genres dedicated to them. Whereas the only genre in which sex can be discussed is a disreputable, seamy, under-the-counter genre with absolutely no standards: [the pornography industry]—which is a kind of Bollywood for hip, sleazy ugliness."
-Alan Moore, interview with Science Fiction Weekly

The first run of this book sold out in the first week. Top Shelf just bumped the second release date by two weeks to account for demand. I ordered mine on Tuesday. :)

I was actually quite productive last night. I got a few things done that I thought would take longer. Today, sadly, is some drudgery work that will likely take all day. However, I have decided that I'm not working late tonight; rather, I'm going to relax and maybe even socialize or go phlogging or do something akimbo to working 10+ hours a day.

I made a monochrome channel mixer for the black and white. The channel mixer made it look ind of like an x-ray which I didn't like. I added a grandient adjustment layer which helped to smooth the black and white tone transitions.

I dumped radial gradient on those layer masks to bring back some of the green from the original. Dropped on a light solid color green layer (green color sampled from original photo) with an inverted layer mask taken from the channel mixer layer to make it pop.

Picture is of one of the pottedplants in aetrix9's garden. I forgot to ask what it was after taking the one random shot I took.

I'm feeling pretty good today.
From kaylithin: Cat in Magneto's head.
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