The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Smoker molests traffic barrel

Smoker molests traffic barrel
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I start Irish language and culture class tonight. It only goes until November so i sort of wonder how strong a grasp we're going t have of the language by the end. I'm far more interested in speaking and reading it than I am in understanding the culture. I'd much rather get the latter from a long visit than through text.

Still busy. I got a few things done last night but not enough to be really happy about it. At least I only have two hours of meetings today. May get some stuff done. Hurrah!

Suddenly, Osama bin Laden is living in the mountains of Pakistan. Were he dead, what the hell would that matter, really? It may set back the Taliban a few weeks but how many dozens of people would take his place? He's just a scapegoat and the avatar for terrorism that America needs to keep people scared. Ridiculous.

Dick Cheney has said that us Wisconsities need to consider National Security when we vote in six weeks. "For the sake of our security, this nation must reject any strategy of resignation and defeatism in the face of determined enemies."

Stupid V.P.

Picture: Taken from within Fair Trade coffee on State St. He looks like he's practicing a Fosse routine.

One of a short series surrounding that orange traffic barrel.

I'm sleepy.
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