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Inverted Obsession - Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist — LiveJournal
Inverted Obsession
A stern voice uninvited
tells me to change my life.
It's amplitude is larger than I
and demands tithing of my ability
to stand. I would rather fall
like the unprotected gargoyle
to a spectacle of a death
than admit that anything
has power over me.

You are not the boss of me,
I am the boss of myself. A free spirit
without shackles, tethered only
to emotion and intellectual pursuits.

This defines your boss.
Seeking anything gives it the power
to control you.
I am controling
your tethers- swaying you.
I am as powerful
as you are free to pursue life.
I am your downfall.
Ambition brings subjugation
to that for which we strive.

Get on your knees
I am that I am
your addiction.

Current Mood: enthralled enthralled

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