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Apparently I was part of the lucky group yesterday in that our "room" had "walls" and a partially completed ceiling. Other rooms had plastic sheets, which under the correct circumstances, could be quite warm. (ya know, like a yurt.) These circumstances included, however, lacerations in the plastic and cold, rainy weather. If a third of the company is out some time in the next week, I blame the general session.

I enjoyed it, mostly. The keynote speaker was an astronaut that has logged over 50 million miles and 2000 orbits. He spent 5 months in MIR trying very hard not to die. He was, in essence, a motivational speaker that knew nothing about the healthcare industry. In some way I'm sure he fit with our theme, "History of the Future" but his speech sounded like a diatribe over how easy our lives are in comparison to his. Sure, we're coding more than an human should in a week and trying to hit deadlines when it isn't humanly possibe but he he broke the atmosphere at Mach 25 and didn't puke. He learned Russian in three weeks. He hosed down a space shuttle when an oxygen and chemical fire started adn melted an entire section of MIR. Sure, our lives are so rough....

My office mate and I spent most of yesterday afternoon joking at his expense. We're cynical jerks. You love.

Today, I rearranged my entire schedule so now I'm at the Terrace or Alliant from 9 to 4 with an hour for lunch and an hour working remotely. Hopefully the latter will be efficient as I'll likely have to steal bandwidth from a coffee shop unless the Terrace is tech'ed out to the gills for the week. But I haven't much hope to get a whole lot done today. I'm vaguely considering staying late but that sounds uncharacteristic.

Photo: More from the railroad wandering. This lock prevented me from switching the direction of the tracks at a relay. Yes, I did try to get around it but didn't try to break it off. That would be vandalism.

I love the depth of field and the red highlights. It is a great companion piece to the gears I posted before.

Right. Pack work in. Gotta catch a bus in 45 minutes.

PS: yay! Rincewind is working. I have a mood theme again.
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