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What's up, duck?

What's up, duck?
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Oi. I got in at quarter to 7 this morning. I need to leave early to get a hair cut and find new khaki pants as all my dressy clothes don't fit right. Stupid obliques getting larger. I think I need to return to lower weight with more reps as I seem to be getting more muscular at a surprising rate. At least my shirts still fit.

This week is our User's Group Meeting. We bring all our customers to Madison and have discussions and presentations all week. It's crazy busy when you throw on the two versions of release testing I need to be donig, the crash we have to fix by wednesday, non UGM meetings and normal work schedule. Yehaw. I'll probably be getting in at 6:30 all this week and leaving around 5 or 6, especially since I'm losing 75% of Wednesday or Thursday.

But at least it's fun busy. I like learning sessions and I have excellent excuses to lunch on State which is always enjoyable. Plus Thursday's application Forum should be beneficial for us; we may be able to use it as leverage for more RnD staff - both developers and QA.

Picture: Friendly duck outside the Noodles on Mineral Point. Custome channel mixer layer to make it onochrome. Then in mask mode I painted out the channel layer over the duck to restore color. It' was a pain picking out her feet from the grass but looks neat in the end. Worth the tedium of repainting the mask for each blade of grass.

I think I cropped half an inch from the top. Otherwise that's it.

Happy Birthday, chuzhuzhe!
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