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Another shot from the train track wandering two weeks ago. I decided that I wanted more macro shots of metals and industrials.

This chain was part of the mechanism that keeps two train cars together. Useful that, except that this particular car was detache and sitting alone near a cotton seed sorting plant (photos to follow, assuming they're neat).

It was here that I ran into a guy from Raven Software situ in Madison and Middleton. He was taking shots of the same train though he was looking for textures to render. He had his daughter who was very adorable, which gives him points I suppose; but he was using a Canon meaning he is in league with the devil.

I can't remember his name but he is coworker to the husband of one of my coworkers which means nothing except that he is now 6 degrees from Kevin Bacon.

I think I really like Flickr. I went pro because three sets isn't enough. I don't know what I'll do with my LJ scrapbook. I like the post structure Flickr creates (though it's messy to edit). Still need to create an originals gallery. Blah. I want everything integrated. My job spoils me....

Good day yesterday. Stressful night. Money is Canon cameraMassive headache when I woke. Ibuprofen and more sleep reduced it. Gym and caffeine killed it.

Vic Allen's still has terrible soup.

I like rusted metal.

And paisely traffic lights.

Follow that train of thought, you wacked-out hippie LJ readers.

Seems some one has already grabbed the tracks picture as a favorite. Nifty
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