The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Fine-tuning my photoshop skillz.

Originally uploaded by ABMann.
Took tis the day I was wandering on the tracks for a few miles in Middleton. I decided that day to play with the track lines and perspective. Tracks are tracks are tracks, you see, so I wanted to catch them differently.

This spot in particular was bereft of vegitation until about 200 feet ahead. The sun was glaring down pretty hard causing lots of great highlights of the rusting rails and splintering wood.

I did half the crossprocessing photoshop deal and just added the yellow-green color layer. I did the blue and red curve layers and ignore the green. Then I upped the contrast a tad to darken the image overall.

Lomo-ized in photoshop to finish it off. I've been trying to fine tune my lomo process to make it more realistic. It seems that most lomo cameras, when presented with a bright lightsource lose definition quickly around the lght sources. So rather than having an even vignette, I kept it away from bright light sources. So around the sky and around the track flare, I didn't keep much vignette. It seems to work pretty well.

The "normal" lomo saturation levels came from my semi-cross process steps.
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