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Half day over! But boo for having later afternoon meeting keeping me an extra hour.


ISO 200
exp 1/60

Cross process fashioned in Photoshop. It's rather simple. You make a Curves adjustment layer. In each of the separate color channels (drop down at top of form) make slight "S" curves to change the contrast in the highlights and shadows - leave the RGB channel alone.

Then you ad a color fill layer (Image> Fill layers> Color fill) of a yellow-green of your choosing, set the opacity to 10% and you're done. Any other adjustments at your discretion. I added an additional curves layer to darken the midtone contrast.

Apparently my masking layer for the frame DIDN'T catch all the color changes. Grumble grumble.

I've made a Lomography/xprocess gallery in my Scrapbook account if you're interested. I'm really enjoying making these effects in some of the photos. It's fun stuff and far cheaper than do it with chemicals and a darkroom. Yay Potochop.
Tags: art, cross processing, photography, photoshop
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