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Beware the Reindeer Man!

-© Private/Dagbladet/Drammens Tidene

You come back from a long holiday. Scads of mail to sort. Out pops pictures of a man in a reindeer suit sitting in you garden reading your newspaper. Outrage! Trespasser! Art! Apparently this man's performances are caring the locals and his story has made national news in Norway. People fear the worst. Most likely because his identity remains a secret.

Like they may catch fur suit cooties.

I think this is fabulous. More silly things like this should happy. Humor and art are not brought together nearly enough. And I"m all for polaroids of people doing silly things. Now, let's just hope for a similar Badger Man in Madison. :)

Article - Bad English translation, Original

I'm fucking SORE. I walked to work. 2ish miles. Walked to the gym. 3.5ish miles there way I went. I walked home. 2.25ish miles. I then died into a bowl of rice and dumplings. I'm not sure if tis pain is worse than the acute pain of cycling to work. It's really hard in cold weather with the bronchial pain. I'm not sure that sort of thing ever gets better even were I in excellent shape, cardiovascular-wise.

Eventually I dragged myself to bed after cleaning some weird wetness Aetrix9 found from the cats, most likely, and edited photos for smed; because I'm dumb I didn't upload to show them.

blah blah. boring boring.

Juliet. Juliet.


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