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Down on the farm.

I edited about 12 photos for the book thingy. I managed to send one before the inbox to which I was sending went over quota. Oops. :| I followed the specs given. Maybe they were expecting the photos later than this? hehe.

10 of the 12 are, in my opinion, good enough. I'm going to pick 5 that are the best, one including the goats of course. After that, I'll ask if they want any more from me. I'd rather go by the specific guidelines I've seen (send 4 to 5 photos) rather than... well, stuff their inbox to bursting.

Ah well. Still, damn lucky break for me.
I will, of course, keep you all pleasantly informed. :)
Edit: Why is every photographer site written in frickin' FLASH??
Tags: book thingy, csa, photography
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