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Gettin' paid. (sorta)

I got an email from Lisa, the lady who wants my pictures in a book. She has requested the photos by the end of the month. I asked her in what format. :) RAW? JPG? PSD? I'm going to guess the first, maybe the second. But tonight, after Chicken Wings! (WHY AREN'T YOU COMING TONIGHT???) I'll be going through an editing more. They want people pictures. I really hope they're good enough or that I have enough, she requested 5 - 10.

Cool stuff, truly. I suppose this is a very good step towards professional photography.

Also, in case your friends lists ate it, I've started posting people pictures and would really like some feed back (please be gentle). I have no idea what to do to make things better but expect more people pictures in the coming weeks. I'm taking smed's and lady_fox's advice and focusing on people for a while (pun intended). I need the practice. I want to be good like this guy. I have a long way to go.

For starters, I need to consider backgrounds again. I do that now almost immediately for non-mobile objects but sort of panic when something may move out of frame. Mental rigors. Use the checklist. Etc. Etc.

My work queue doubled last night. Deadline is the 19th. our week long user's Group Meeting is next week. So... not sure exactly how I'm going to get everything done.
Hmm... team mate has 11 fewer logs than me. I may need to re-assign some things. :| Oops?

Lastly: Have I become boring? Comments have dropped of these last few months. Summer may be the culprit but I'm curious if people are still out there or if they're losing interest because of photos. Or even not commenting because of photos? Moo? Has my life become.... mundane??!?
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