The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

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Peace is only as good
as the group next to me
behind a faux bamboo partition.
Business does not understand the "now."
Buy and Sell, fixing the lives of people
a price and cortisol level.
I am lost in my miso,
abolishing the swaying of my mind
in tea and tekka. Indulgence is the key
for a frenetic mind. My fear
is as real as the bamboo - phantoms
of worry for all tomorrow's parties.
I shan't think of costumes and intangible
peer testing when my future is balanced
on dynamic point between
tipping and teetering
over self-fulfilling exile.

This poem is all graye's fault for posting about Sushi. Then madolan posting about more Sushi. I hit a tipping point. Ginza is quite good and their tea room is comfortable, albeit poorly soundproofed.
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