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Frustration and phlogging

I was at work for about eleven hour yesterday. Not too bad, really. I gave up when nothing I tested matter because it wouldn't get fixed. Well... not entirely true otherwise I'd have left some time around noon. But it's there. The developer is aware that he has work to do yet since he ignored giant portions of it.

It seems i"m getting busier at work these days. I have dozens of things I want to be doing on top of another dozen I HAVE to do; the things I want to do get pushed aside which is frustrating. I realized this today when I got another email about a customer commitment i'm going to have to test by the end of the month and that our big deadline is in about a month. I haven't looked much at some of the stuff for the most recent release cycle and I know there are a few really big projects to come in. Blah. Much to do. Though I suppose I could get it done easily if I just worked more hours.

That ain't happening. I put in enough, thank you. I am, in fact, going to only put in <gasp!> 8 hours today! (omg!)

The plan is to leave a 3:30. Go to gym. Go somewhere for dinner that has the Isthmus (probably Noodles), read Isthmus and Onion (where there's Isthmus, there's Onion) and then go Phlogging in Middleton. I'm going to walk the train tracks westward and see what I can see. No reason to go home as Fox will, once again, not be home until late.

Now, onto the bandwagon:

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