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What makes a man?

annan_dum posed an interesting question yesterday. What is the average man these days?

How do you define it? Who defines it for us? Magazines? TV? Fox? Clear Channel? So what do you envision when you read "The Average Man?"
You can read her thoughts with the above link.

Personally, I consider myself the average person mostly because the with people I tend to spend my time tend to be similar to me. I also do not watch TV regularly and the only magazine i read regularly is tailored specifically to a demographic into which I do not fall (wealthy gay males). So I think my view is not necessarily the one held by society.

Were I to rely on my TV experience which are now nearly a year old, the average man is becoming a redneck of sorts, a calmer redneck. The Average Man is sympathetic when required, overweight, drinks beer, plays too many bar sports, tends towards insecure through wimpiness or over-aggressiveness, likes macho things (trains, planes, automobiles), plays video games, surfs the net daily, loves pulp novels if he reads at all, owns far more house than he can likely afford and is vaguely centrist even though he has many gay friends.

Yeah, even that list seems off.
So what have you got?
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