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The Worst Dwarf.

Gaah. Screw you, allergies.
Damn high allergen count days. Been that way for weeks. Runny eyes. So sneezy.
Grr argh.

What makes today OK though is that donuts, bagels and muffins were delivered even though new hire day is next week. Potential for more donuts next week. :)
It was cold this morning. I forget that September brings an abrupt end to Summer in Wisconsin.
it's all trousers and jumpers from here on.

A weed to remember A weed to remember

ISO 320
exp 1/250

Added a monochrome channel mixer layer with lots of red and blue to offset the piles of flat green in the picture. Added a sepia tone to it as well.
Nice photo of aetrix9 in her garden. Nothing spectacular but a nice picture. Portraits are better, in my opinion, when you get people in their element rather than a studio. It means more.
Query: Was this person being pushy or was I?
Spreading the love:
There's a person that keeps posting in photographers that has a really good natural eye. Link. All of her (I think) posts have included some really interesting stuff. Sadly, her journal is lacking more photo posts - ragingpoptart.
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