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This old house. - Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist — LiveJournal
This old house.

Dilapidated house Dilapidated house

ISO 200
exp 1/100

I'm posting this cuz I was LAZY today and edited nothing new!

I was walking on the train tracks in Middleton on Sunday taking random shots, thinking that train tracks are cliche but still occasionally have neat things along them - a la Stand By Me. Down there, just across from the dead body I was poking with a stick I saw this house, on the wrong side. The three roof points that were so elegantly arrayed from my vantage screamed for pictures. The weeping willows around it made it mysterious and contrasted the dull greys well.

The party went well last night, I'm told. I wasn't sure as I had zero desire to be social and played the roll of Emily Dickinson. I feel vaguely guilty but only three(ish?) people asked after me and two sought me for goodbyes. That was nice though awkward.

Today was 8+ hours of House with the roomies. Nice and lazy. Need to go to the gym pretty badly though.

So... Fox has pretty much told me to date more, what with her lack of sex drive. She's feeling guilty and sad for me. I'm sort of mellow at tis point; after a few weeks of no sex I tend to shut off. Contrasted with how I get when I have plenty I'm not sure which I prefer. Dull, sedate ABM or Lustful, Confident ABM. Both are, of course, a good step away from Depressed, Whiny ABM which has been gone for a few weeks as well.

The point being that I'm oddly pleased that 1) she wants me to go be with someone and 2) that it is OK. Benefits of poly I suppose. I posted a personal add I've been considering for a while at her urging. I decided to search for an artistic type to go to art galleries, phlogging sessions and the like with me as Fox doesn't have the time or desire to do those sorts of things. We'll see what happens. Feels kinda weird, writing personal adds next to my girlfriend though. :)

But at least she and I are good. We talked about it and it seems just a case of "eh?" Nothing specific but no apparent cure.


francopoli's submission for Co-op Photography: Red Plate Special
God, so hungry now...

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(Deleted comment)
abmann From: abmann Date: September 5th, 2006 02:41 am (UTC) (Link)
You should but it a drink. It's a slutty little house.

Why like it so? I really like it as well but I'm not spilling until you do. :)
(Deleted comment)
abmann From: abmann Date: September 5th, 2006 03:03 am (UTC) (Link)
Yeah. I was just telling fox that this house does thirds naturally. Everything is balanced so fucking well in horizontal thirds, it's almost sickening. The three roofs, the three windows, all in separate horizontal thirds? C'mon!

I also like it beacause it is so gritty. Lots of great texture on the siding and roof tile.
(Deleted comment)
abmann From: abmann Date: September 5th, 2006 03:33 am (UTC) (Link)
I mostly agree. It needs some basic clean up as most photos do. Without the vignetting and extra sayuration it's a decent picture, good for stock for example. But with the vignetting and saturation increase, I'd have no trouble showing this in my portfolio along with other more digitally altered photos.

I think I explained it well to Fox when I said I emphasized something already existed in the photo - the frame, the grit, the mood - rather than trying to make it be that way with the editing. This is a fine distinction I'm learning lately. Editing vs. enhancing.
(Deleted comment)
abmann From: abmann Date: September 5th, 2006 03:22 am (UTC) (Link)
Food pictures are always good! Mmmm. food.
nidea From: nidea Date: September 5th, 2006 04:05 am (UTC) (Link)
I missed you. I don't know you well enough to have sought you out, though. But if I'd gotten to talk to you at the party, I would have said goodbye. So there. :P

It amused me when I actually knew 5 of the people who attended, not counting my husband or Fox. I'll upload photos later.
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