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Co-op Photography - "Red"

Bowl of Rubies.
Bowl of Rubies.

ISO 200
exp 1/60

I decided to keep the edge of the image because I liked the bowl as a secondary frame. Had I put more thought into it, I was rushed as these were being processed for sauce, I'd have placed the bowl further in frame to run along the second third (from left to right) line of the image.

I did no cropping. I have a layer of curves to even out the color which got a little washed out from the lighting in the window. I also used a very light channel mixer layer to even the texture, much was messy from water on the tomatoes.

Overall, I'm quite pleased with the results.

This was not my original intention for this, actually. I have a small red statute at work I decided to use. I photographed it in many, many places but was really displeased with the results. So. 'Maters it is. :)

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