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I"ve been up since 7am. What have I done so far?
  • Shower shave, make breakfast.
  • Grocery shopping.
  • Gone to the Vermont Valley tomato pick
  • Shot over 200 photos. (I LOVE fog and tomatoes.)
  • been asked if I could take pictures for a book on local organic farms.

    Yeah. Pretty good day so far.

    Vermont Valley in fog.
    Vermont Valley in fog.

    ISO 200
    exp 1/60

    I sucked out some of the saturation to emphasize the fog and moody nature of the shot. But I chopped the top half off with a gradient mask the monochrome layer to keep the blue tint of the roof.

    In retrospect, I should have done some bracketing to better expose the highlights and shadows then blend for a better image. May have reduced the noise.

    Regardless, I like the emotional tone of this a whole lot.

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