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Nothing quite like taking down 24 of those big heavy tables in Main then moving the hundred lbs Annex tables. It really bugs the hell out of me that Chris had us taking down every room on first and the lounge on second on one freaking day. She expected two of us to get that all done before 5pm (started at 2). It took all of us, including poor Fey (on her day off) until 5:30 to do it. The fuck, Chris? Learn to organize better. That was ridiculous. My back hurts and my hand is raw, rather hurts to type actually.

Started actually reading articles for my project. Geez, out of ten that I looked through only 2 really matters, with paragraphs of two more being relevant. I wonder if research is always this slow? Like, if I go into Neuro psych, will I have to do this like every day for the rest of my life? Hmm, makes Seattle look that much more promising. Too bad my chances of getting in there are really slim. Curse you, best clinical school in the nation. I should just kill all their applicants.

Wait, no. I need to turn my life into a movie. Protagonists in a movie always get into their schools of choice... Wait, no. I need to be a supporting role in some other person's movie life. You know, be on of those guys that screams in the halls one day "Hey! I got into (x)! Did you? Are we still going together." To which they usually reply "No, I... didn't get in." And then there's drama and sadness and that protagonist does something like go into the army and fight big bugs that smash his home with an asteroid. (Curse you Heinlein).

Though, in the case of Starship Troopers I could totally be Doogie Houser (Yes, I still have to read the book) and be like this: "Hey Doogie, you get starside R& D?" "No..." "I got Games & Theory." I'd totally go for that. That'd be me saying that I got into MIT. But, would the department of Brain Sciences (Yes, it exists. Yes, that's what I'm applying to) would teach me nifty psionics.

So yeah, grad school still looks hazy. Let's just hope I throttle the GRE what good.

Amazon package still not sent. grr, need those books and I'm totally jonesing for that game. Must have Steampunk.

Looks like I'm running a Mummy game in a few weeks. Plot? Plot? hello plot? I can't come up with anything that's not Fed-ex. All I know is that Vegel has got to be in it. He's the saddest, most fun NPC I've made. Excepting Billy. hehehe... billy. I don't think I can fit Billy in, but just maybe. Vegel is the only NPC I have that is allowed to fail. I gave him the "unlucky" flaw. No, not in the books. Unlucky - 5pts. On any three rolls the GM can decide that you do not succeed, but do instead botch. Good God, I love Vegel.

Mummy makes me so very happy.

I think that's it. Iris is buying a Mini. She put a down payment and they ordered one to her exact desire. Only $18,654. I really think that I'm going to have to finance one when I graduate. They're amazing cars and will only be about $300 a month. So nice, apparently really spacious for a two seater, nominally. You can fit two people, comfortably mind you, in the back too. They get like 35ish miles per gallon. Not hybrid mpg but damn good regardless. I bet they're really easy to park.

Good times. Need to DDR. Haven't in too long, but work keeps me pretty worn out, but no aerobic worn-out. Oh. I am planning on selling a whole bunch of my gaming books. I'll send a bsffa email eventually.

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