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It's like "idyllic flower photo" morning.

I dub thee Yellow
I dub thee Yellow

ISO 200
exp 1/2000

I saw these flowers outside Middleton Barriques last night as I was heading in to edit piles and piles of photos. The light was really good so I popped off a few shots at different angles. I took my time and thought about backgrounds and spacing while looking through the viewfinder far more consciously than normally. And succeeded.
I did nothing to this photo. Not even cropping. I resized and put the border on it for posting as always but otherwise, nada.

Work is going well today. I have a few things coming in that are interesting. Sadly, one thing was supposed to come in Monday and is due Friday. It should be coming to me in about 20 minutes. Sigh. Deadlines apparently mean nothing except for QA.
Tags: art, flowers, photography
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