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Themed, cooperative photography.

Molly profile Molly profile

ISO 250
exp 1/80

More of the Molly Monster.

So, I was thinking of something fun to engage all the photographers around here. I was thinking we pick a color (say, red) and then go out and get interesting photos of red things. In a few days we "reconvene" and post the best picture we took of a Red Thing. Sound like fun?

Are you in or out?

Yes, Heidi, I'm in.
Piss off.

If you're in, let's say the color theme is Red. Post the image Sunday night.
A few ground rules:
The object must exist as red - no photoshopping something green into something red.
The majority of the photo must be red (or shades thereof), either in composition or with cropping.

Sound fun? I think it'll be fun.

Good evening last night. I got some good shots of the sunset from a pond near our rental. Otherwise I hung out a bit with Aetrix and Sev then turned recluse to watch episodes of The Undergrads and read. Saturday is Sev's black belt test so think energetic thoughts at him for the next few days.
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