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MySpace does something useful.

Apparently using ear plugs gives me nightmares. I'd really prefer not to have Fox wake me up because I'm screaming "help" in my sleep. Blah.
Surprisingly, though, I feel well rested for the first time in a while. I even rode my bike to work. Bronchitis wasn't too happy about the cold, but I get here in about ten minutes. I feel pretty good today. Though I am developing calluses on my hand from the bike handles. I think I need gloves. I wonder if Erik's will give me 50% off....

I only remember, at the moment, a few details. I was living in a huge mansion with my current roommates. The mansion was pretty barren and very dusty. It was late. I had just put Fox to bed to... do something. Something about changing into something better, beneficial mutation is how I was referring to it. I tried to go down stairs but all the lights were broken. Fox got up and had changed into so evil amphibious thing, like that zombie from The Shining.

I ran and screamed for help. i knew that Aetrix and Sev were on the deck watching the garden. They could hear me but were ignoring me. Fox-thing got me and went for my neck. Then she woke me up.

Obvious abandonment issues contending with my wants for space. tat the house was ultimately devoid of stuff, i think, is other issues I'm having with so much junk in my life right now that has only decorative function. Plus the house was being a mess is pretty obvious. All houses are messy to me, especially when full of non-useful things.
I think the mutation thing was from yesterday's discussion.

MySpace finally paid of, sort of. A few weeks ago, after lady_fox saw some success in reconnecting, I added my full school information to my MySpace account. Yesterday, just before noon, I got my first message from an old, old friend (graphic intensive, but some of it is Jessica Alba so it's worth it).

Initial reaction: Holy shit! Last person I'd expect to find me.

Second reaction: Holy shit! Awesome! I hope he doesn't hate me.

Third Reaction: Holy shit! Jessica Alba is hot.

As for the first two reactions, the third being self-explanatory (Alba = sexy), I shall elaborate.

It was fourth or fifth grade when JT moved away. He and I and a third were really close friends. The last night we spent together was Halloween that year. We spent most of the night staking out the "cool" house that gave out comic books or king-sized candy bars (King sized, Lorelai). i think it was comic books that year. The three of us were trying to change our costumes to get as many as possible. Well, they were, as I'm sort of recognizable all the time. It was a good night. We went home after dark and he was gone the next day.

For the next few years he came back sporadically and stayed. The three of us would get together again and wander and talk about new things that were happening, watch Monty Python movies and eat lots of donuts - him visiting was a good excuse for Dad to buy donuts. Over time the visits became more and more sporadic. Thus the first reaction. We'd just lost touch. I never expected him to seek me out because, you really have to seek on MySpace. The way I have it set he had to search for my high school, I think to find my information. I'm not sure. I admit I've not played much with MySpace, what with it having the worst interface ever (not to mention the adds and constantly crashing and search failures).

I suppose I'm surprised to be remembered. I hadn't really given him much thought since college (I'm really good at that "out of sight, out of mind" thing). It didn't even occur to me to search for him on MySpace; I've only searched for high school people and one person from grade school for whom I periodically search every couple of years. This is likely my failing given that we did, really, have a good friendship, even during the sporadic visit years. This is part of the second reaction. I'm just a bad person.

Worse is that the last time he came to visit, I couldn't see him. What I tell myself is that i was leaving for college the next day (true) and was busy getting ready (sorta true) so I couldn't see him (false). The truth is he had called a few weeks earlier saying that he was coming and he wanted to see me and they other guy. I don't remember what I told him and promptly forgot the conversation, either through sheer audacity or college preparations; I essentially blew him off. I'd certainly hate me for that and maybe he did; it was six years ago so maybe he's over it (clearly I'm not).

Given all this I'm surprised he dropped me a message at all. But I'm glad he did. This should be interesting. From what I can gather from his profile, he's married and still lives in Iowa. He likes the word "fuck" and is still insanely muscular; his humor is confrontational n that "Jesse 'The [Body part]' Ventura" sort of way. I sent him a relatively long email summarizing the last few years, college, job, activities. We shall see where it goes.

Last time he saw me I was uber fat too. :) I think there's a (large) bit of narcissism feeding the desire to reconnect with old friends and acquaintances.

Now, to acknowledge the guilt and move on.
Also to acknowledge Jessica Alba's hotness. I may have to watch SinCity tonight.

And because I'm terribly vain: I point you to new glasses post.
I like them.
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