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Dem deer, dey're here. Den dey' dere. Dey're here, dey're dere. Dey're everywhere.

Christine Lavin = Best show I've ever been to, even better than Godsmack last year. Hilarious, interactive and hilarious.
When she signs her CDs she scribbles funny things all over her cover picture. Fox bought a live DVD recording of one of her concerts. We're going to be evil and burn a copy then snd the signed copy to her mother, who should get a huge kick out of it.
I highly recommend anything she does. It's all funny, witty and entertaining. I'm going to pick up a few CDs from her site next month.

Lou and Peter Berryman, Madison's best Folk Group (as rated by Isthmus readers) were also fantastic and funny. Lou is the tiniest woman with huge biceps. She plays the accordion. Her husband, Peter, plays 12 string guitar and is a dead ringer for my late Uncle Lee. I also recommend them and wish to find some of their CDs as well next month. Local bands make me happy. Especially when they sign about the smoke stacks of MG&E. And cows and hay stacks.

The venue was pretty cool. we were in the First Unitarian Church, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The acoustics were surprisingly good but the seats raped and pillaged my back. I got a few pictures before the light died and the concert started but hold little hope for them to turn out well. Picture of the auditorium.

I'm rather sore today and very much want to go home. However, it's Friday. Fridays are always good.
Now to run data conversions. hooray!?
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