The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
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Up most of the night from sirens and hail...

S is for Snarky
T is for Tasty
U is for Unusual
P is for Playful
I is for Innocent
D is for Dedicated
, is for Comma!
F is for Flamboyant
U is for Upbeat
C is for Chic
K is for Keen
I is for Influential
N is for Nerdy
G is for Glittering
is for
T is for Tender
O is for Odd
R is for Revolutionary
N is for Nervy
A is for Alluring
D is for Dreamy
O is for Overwhelming
E is for Energetic
S is for Sincere

Other things:
Glasses were not ready yesterday.
Gathered 16 photos for portfolio, minimum size of 6x4.
- about 1/3 are certainties.
- vaguely worried about some but must print to see.
- need to find original files for 4 more (for 20 total)
(I'll post a breakdown and links to choices later tonight, perhaps)
Hi, I'm Randy.
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