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Δfxλ = Physics of Emotion

"We are the robots." - Kraftwerk

Computers are a euphemism
for social interaction.
Electricity provides a buffer
from full emotional
attachment and presents
too much room
for interpretation, not jacking in.
Internalizing the computer
is falsifying a rich world
of purifying intention - jacking off.

When I say "Hi,"
I do not expect
"What the hell do you mean by that?"
Hearing no voice, no frequency
or amplitude differentials,
is blasphemy coming on torpid waters.
Attenuation of hearing, waveless and dull,
and sightless expression leads us to blind

We are no longer evolving
or we would have extra sensory emotional
attunement. But, I can still piss you off
with a quick turn of phrase
Computers remove the physics of emotive
and build with it the stagnation
of human affairs.
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