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Vic Allens

The Vic Allens on Monroe and Knickerbocker Place is probably the most disgusting coffee shop I've ever been in. The floor hasn't been swept in days. Newspapers and plates are piled by the fireplace. Flies dive-bomb my head.

Remarks I've heard from one of the barristas in the 8 minutes I"ve been here:
"There is so much trash by the fireplace. Someone should clean it."
"It's so cluttered back here; I should, like, pick it up."

Damn fucking right.
Their peach tea sucks.
And what the hell is a "Real Lemon Packet?" No fucking way is there a lemon wedge in something that looks like an equal packet.
On the plus side, they're playing my favorite Irish music CD.

In other news, I've walked about seven miles today(my house to here plus a lot of wandering/backtracking) and taken over 250 photos (including the cutest surly mixed dachshund dog ever).
Some old woman is glaring a group of women that are laughing. How DARE people laugh in a coffee shop.

Wow. This place sucks.
Currently sitting at Electric Earth on W. Washington. I think that puts total walking distance to about 12 miles, including wandering. I just spent the last half hour climbing on the Willie Street Bikes train, the one outside. I ran into another photographer there. I snuck some shots of her. Wander if she found a better angle than I. She also had a nice telephoto lens.

Now, I eat sammich. It's been about 7 hours since lunch. And ten miles.
Update 2

I think I came in above 15 miles walked. Took about three hundred photos. Hope some of them turn out.
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