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What's in my bag: Redux

My newest bag.....
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I am on first full-fledged "wander" with my Timbuk2 (heretofore "Ireland"). As I said before it is pretty much exactly the same bag as Red Monster with a few key differences. First, it carries like a laptop case which I think is a very important distinction.

Red Monster straps to my back whereas Ireland hangs at my side. Ireland does, though, include an extra strap that I can attach and detach depending. This makes Ireland much more secure as I learned today for cycling. This strap doesn't really help with comfort as my back is in a bit of pain from the low riding, but secure, Ireland. I think that I wasn't using the bag properly with this extra strap, which brings me to another nifty difference of which I wasn't aware.

On the right side of th bag the shoulder strap isn't connected directly to the bag. It is, in fact, connected through a large crank-like latch that I can use to adjust the length of the strap. This is awesome because I don't have to wrestle with the normal stupid clasps that bags have. It adjusts quickly and smoothly. I worry that the latch will wear out and snap over time though. BUT! I think that if I crack the strap up so it is shorter, while using that extra strap, the bag will ride higher on my back making for smoother cycling.

Ireland has pockets; pockets enough to hide a clan of leprechauns. I love pockets. I go frickin' nuts (the happy kind) when I can compartmentalize all my stuff. It has dedicated space for three pens, ID, cell phone, laptop, laptop gear (cds, power cables, disks), hidden money pockets, pencil length pockets, etc. I even found a ribbon with clasp to secure my keys for quick recovery from the depths of Ireland's bowels. Pockets making me fucking ecstatic. Pockets and key cables make me die from organizational orgasms.

I stil wish the bag were a little thinner and about an inch shorter. I still like it though. A whole lot.

Today, I wander around the weesssside. Supposedly some time tonight I'm meeting up with the girl from work for Aeon Flux but no garauntees. I need to stop being so wishy-washy with plans. I'd be far more likely to get what I desire I think. Bah. Regardless, it is a perfect day to just walk around. And get coffee. I'm going to get coffee and read too. :)

So. What's in my bag today?

Laptop sleeve.
Cell phone.
Cigarette case (it's my wallet, people)
- Almost Transparent Blue.
- The Dubliners
- Journal
Nikon d70s
Kit lens.
-Yeah. The camera is in there, disassembled... and each piece has its own pocket.
Recipt from Erik's Bike Shop
Two pens

And there's still space for a change of clothes and a new-born baby.
I'll take a picture tonight because, damn, this bag rocks.

Dear Flickr: why the hell do you post entries the way you do? It's frickin' impossible to edit this thing.
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