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I feel like updating again because drunk posts = woo!

I have this weird fer of asking for things. Anythings, even things I'm told I can have.. all I need to do is ask for them. It is ludicrous. The point being the following: I'm finally bringing my bike in for maintenance tomorrow. When I bought it, the place guarantees1 free tune up for which my bike is long overdue.

I'm going to ride it to the shop (two miles from my house nigh exactly) then spend the day wandering around waiting for it to be fixed. Finished, I suppose is a better time. The interim, though, is open. I'm considering the Zoo as that fell through because I am a lame no-emailing bastard (sorry alyska) and spent the day lazing about, cuddling with leleth_faery and cooking soup.

Theoretically I'm meeting that nice girl from work later in the evening for some quasi-date, but that won't happen until later in the evening. I'm not sure what to do for the rest of the day. The west side isn'y the most scenic... at least around Erik's Bike Shop. Maybe I could break into the golf course on Odana and photograph golfers...

Yeah... that sounds highly un-thrilling. er..

You know, when I was in high school I used to write short poetic couplets, print them out and stuff them into groceries... like boxes of cereal. We called it guerrillas poetry. Why I can I figure something similarly cool to do for Sunday? Laaaame.

hrmm.. maybe I'll go to the used book store. I want a copy of The Dubliners. Then coffee at... hrm.. Vic Allens on D'onofrio just to get some exercise. I suppose there's a park on Rosa nearby that I could walk to easily.

I dunno. Blah. So. Look for the guy with the Irish flag laptop bag on the west side. Ad you people with my cell, call me. I have no plans and am too lazy/shy/boring to call you to plan something.

I'm going to drink from the bottle now. This wine rocks and I'm debasing the bitch by doin' her straight in her bottle.
Yeah. You like it, you slutty bottle.
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