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DP challenge

For the digital artists out there: DP Challenge
Three new digital photography challenges each week. If you sign up for the emails, they're kind of annoying. They don't announce new challenges but calls to vote on recently ended challenges.

Votes this week:
Transportation II
From the Ground Up III
Fire II

Open Challenge 8/15 - 8/21
(why couldn't this have been open during the CSA Pea Pick?)

Most challenges function under basic editing rules, you are allowed standard photoshopping, like curves, levels and hue/saturation adjustments. Essentially, what editing happens must happen to an entire image.

Some are advanced meaning more freedom to tinker. These seem to apply to the member challenges. Membership fees amount to $25 a year (not a month). Not sure the benefits besides more challenges and voting options.
For cat lovers:
What Jeff killed
Blog about a tomcat in California. Kinda funny. Very graphic.
In other news.
Slept well last night. Late work night was not bad at all. Just an extra two.5 hours.
I also browse too many blogs in my spare time.
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