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Zucchini chips!

On top of the pulled pork, I made some zucchini chips. Whoa the tasty! Ver simple too.

Take a zucchini and a half and slice thin. As thin as you want.
Take one egg and beat it with a tbl spoon of milk.
Put a cup of flour on a plate and add salt, pepper and dill to taste.
Have a half cup of flour, plain on another plate.

Dip zucchini in basic flour. Coat and tap to remove excess.
Dip in egg mixture.
Dip in seasoned flour and coat well.

Set zucchini aside and let crust set for 5 to ten minutes.

Put a little bit of oil in a frying pat. Get it damn hot, a few dozen degrees below the smoke point.
Put in zucchini. Fry til golden on either side, about a minute.

Let cool and enjoy with a little bit of wasabi mayonnaise.
So good.
So so good.
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