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The best money blunder ever.


So I just figured out (with lady_fox's help) that, because of the way I paid rent I magically created $500 for myself this month.

When we first moved into Prairie Crest two years ago we got the first month free. However, I still reserved the rent money for the following month's rent from that month's paycheck, to ensure I had the money in the case that the rent check was cashed the same day I gave it to the office. Today I had to set up a direct deposit into our communal account. What this does, essentially, is force me to pay next month's rent with next month's paycheck.

So.. poof. I'm $500 richer because I reserved the rent money for next month from this month's check two years ago but won't be paying the rent with this month's money.
I think. I mean, it seems right mathematically. (Right?)

So yeah. Oops. :)
Almost forgot:

Taken at Farmer's market in July.
Lots of noise in this one, from the ISO 1600; first of those pictures to really show it. It's kinda pretty. Nothing too exciting.
Anyone know what kind of flower that is? This family was carrying quite a few.
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