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Hero Worship

No! Fucking no! I don't want to be famous again! -Spider Jerusalem; Transmetroplitan written by Warren Ellis.

I do not expect worship,
a hero is just a person
that others say is a hero.
It is a construct
created to emphasize difference
and foster better treatment.
Fawning fans, naked and thrashing
on my bed, is not my idea
of better treatment. I am sleepless
with suffering over my solitude,
forced into hibernation from
screaming fans and their truth bundled
in froth and nails. Fighting
tooth and nail for a taxi - though
standard - shouldn't be done
with chair legs and topical laxatives.
Deconstucting me, late at night
when I can only get peace,
I am just as any. I don't need
any society telling me
I am better than you when
it is written on my bedroom ceiling.
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