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What a creepy thing to be happening....

Saw Middleton Player's Theater tech rehearsal for Little Shop of Horrors last night with lady_fox, sculplady and graydancer. Gods I love that show. But... wow the sound problems. Um? Directional mics? Why do theater troupes shy away from directional mics these days? Sure, cordless body mics are sexy but if you don't pay attention to the actor's proximities to each other you get garbage. It's so much easier and safer to have well hung directional mics, especially for musicals.

Quick thoughts otherwise-
Ronnets: Very good voices but plastic expressions
Seymour: Wow, well done all around.
Audrey I: Nice job. A little flat at first probably from nerves but you hit the notes the rest of the night. Now, belt it harder!
Audrey II voice: Slow down, punk. Also, it is impossible to speak clearly with food in your mouth.
Audrey II body: Work it skinny guy! Worst job in the show but most fun. Work those abs!
Side bar about Audrey II - the voice really needs to react to the body, not vice-versa. When the voice leads, the body has to work harder to follow and tires easily. That suit is hot and heavy. If they both know the lines, the body leads and the voice moves in pace with the body. It's fine if the plant is deliberate, makes it creepier, but if they're out of sync the whole night it sucks. Hide the voice somewhere in front of the stage.
DDS: Overact it harder! Not in spurts. He's supposed to be a caricature, not an oaf.
Mushnik: Eh?
Guy who played every passerby/random person: Stole the show.
Lighting: bad lighting is noticed, good isn't. I only noticed some of the mood lighting on the scrim. Seymour was talking to the plant but wasn't lit so he was invisible. otherwise, way to blend.
Music: Loud! But I doubt you're fault. Good timing.
Sound: You're dead to me!

This is where I'll be Saturday. Heee!
Must go food shopping tonight.

Reviewed some of the photos from Wednesday. They look really good on the LCD preview. Hope that's a good sign.
Obesity epidemic hits US infants!
Bigger not necessarily better!
Babies attacked by fat cells, become wrinkly sack of potatoes!
Does anyone else think the personification of obesity is getting funny?
(Note - this is coming from someone who used to be obese.)
I just think it's hilarious. Maybe even HIGH-larry-us. The rhetoric is sounding more and more like obesity is its own entity plaguing people, that they have no control over it. To a degree, I agree, but when Americans prefer to take an elevator to one flight of stairs (saw this at work last week and the elevators are three times as slow as stairs), there's no wonder we're getting so chubby.
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