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My body broken but my mind engaged.

Ow ow.

Stayed home from work today after a very active last few days. I cycled about 20ish miles in the last few days, plus the normal gym routine. On top of that, yesterday I got utterly engrossed in a magazine on the treadmill and went an extra mile more than normal. Oops. That, in itself, isn't huge but later yesterday evening I decided to attempt some golden hour photography. That's getting pictures one hour before sunset when the sky is colorful and the light not harsh. It was largely uneventful as about thirty minutes before sunset, thick, dense clouds swam in. No color got through. But, much hiking in Elver, with it's dense brush and many hills.

Thus, the exhaustion. I'm going to work remotely for a few hours today. That I can do that is amazing. I heart VPN because there's no way I'm going into the office today.

Though, while wandering the Elver I did stumble into some fantastic things. I ducked out of the way for some golfers and found a beautiful tree that had been struck by lightning twice and partially blown over from the storms a few weeks ago. It was beautiful especially with the red pine back drop. I'll try to get some of those shots up later today.

I also learned, well I already knew it but I tried it, that using a small aperture (high f number) and long exposure people may walk by all they want. They aren't in the frame long enough to actually affect the exposure. Very cool as I could essentially shoot through the golfers. Though I think I will have some ghosts in a few of the shots.

I can't wait for winter. I have a few spots picked out that will be amazing with snow.
I never though I'd enjoy photography so much. Hearing the shutter and knowing that, damn it, that's going to be a great shot is just... I don't know. Indescribable.
Now if I could just parley this into a career, I think life would be perfect. :)
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