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I'm good at quickies.

  • MySpace is tolerable with Adblock in full force.
  • I no longer view cycling to work as exercise.
  • Timbuk2 messenger is nearly exactly the same as Red monster.
    - Two differences: Red cannot be worn like a laptop case and has extra fabric on the shoulder strap connections to help it conform to your back.
  • Crumpler doesn't make a 15" laptop case with moderate pocket space
    - You get either a lot (The Considerable Embarrassment) or none (The Skivvy 15).
  • I'm sorely tempted to make my own laptop bag.
  • Darth Kitty.
  • I'm sick of doing dishes. I'm going to stop eating or only eat cold finger food.
  • I have corn on my desk.
  • I understand my camera's light meter. Now, nearly no picture is wasted (exposure-wise).
  • Eye candy at work.

I just had a random thought about Andy Warhol.
(Happy belated birthday, you crazy, dead, peeing-on-copper artist I adore)
one more:
  • I'm really tan. More tan than I've ever been before. Wow, tan.
    Now if my legs would catch up to my face and arms, THAT WOULD BE VERY NICE.
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