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Whats in my bag...

Whats in my bag..
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I'm obsessed over bags lately. Now that I have a camaer I wish to drag all over Gods' Green, I"ve been fighting with various bags to carry everything I wish to carry. Each time I"m reduced to just my camera and bare necessities though I wish I could haul my laptop, books and verious other things I like to have with me toujours. The obvious problem being size a pack and my ability to carry it comfortably for long periods of time.

I have my Chrome Bag (red version of the one seen here). This bag rocks for cycling especially when I want a change of clothes.. which is usually every time my ass hits saddle (sweat like Katrina rained). I carry my various necessaries, laptop, book, pants, boxers, shirt and sandals in the Chrome, heretofore referred to as the Red Monster. On work days it also includes a towel and lunch. The problem with Red Monster is that it only functions admirably in two states - mostly empty (or, "You Gonna Eat That") and stuffed (or, "I'm carry the entirety of my house in here").

In YGET, I have a laptop and a book. Here the form bends nicely against my back and doesn't wobble too badly. It's fine on bike and walking. In ICtEomH, it is a fucking rock and doesn't move. Awesome for cycling, barring the extra weight, and sucks for walking. Too heavy.

When Phlogging, I want to carry my laptop and camera. However, this tends to put Red Monster into the dangerous "Two Keg Stands after Sushi" mode, a perilous point where its content can slosh around into eacother. Or worse, through my balance off my bike, on Mineral Point, at Rush Hour (squish). Though this mode is fine when walking, being uncomfortable on my bike means I'm either driving (eww, wasteful) or limited to walking-distance areas.

Thus, I default to my small pack, a Nova 1 AW (heretofore referred to as Mini-monster)which holds the bare essentials with little fuss. It is light, so good for walking. I've not taken it on my bike yet but it should be OK but not ideal since it has no steady strap like Red Monster has. I can even shove a small book in it, softcover only. I tend, though, to wear cargo shorts to carry the various other things for which Mini-monster cannot account.

So I"ve been searching for a Mid Monster of sorts that would do everything but the heavier days - sounds like a period - where I'm not taking clothes, shoes and food with me, just computator and camera. Crumpler has some interesting stuff. Ortlieb has some hardcore stuff, hardercore than I will EVER be. Chrome doesn't really do mid-range stuff. Timbuk2 fails on the size/comfort problem and the stability, though damn I love their look (I may get a straight laptop case from them for just computer days).

Ideally, what I want is my Mini-Moster with extra pockets for my laptop. THat's really what it comes down too. I fucking love that Mini-Monster has bunches of pockets so I can consstently arrange my things - wallet goes here, cell phone goes here, etc. I like to be organized. Which is part of why I dislike Red Monster. Sure, he can take it with thebest porn stars but it's really easy to lose my keys in there....

As a side note. I just swallowed an ant that was in my tea cup.

And that bugs me. I have to go digging up to the elbow, stuff flopping everywhere, all to the soft shreiks my my bag as I roughly violate its innards.

So after a few hours of searching, I understadn first, that I like bags and need more of them, but it may be impossible to satisfy my usual desires for carriage. Plus, I may be more screwed if I follow through on my desires for an iPod Nano (which could just get lost forever in Red Monster), a PDA, and more lenses. Mrr.

What ever happened to wanting simpler things? I think I may attempt to pack Red Monster more carefully to see if it may work for these in-between situations.

And yes, because I'm a bag whore I may still get a Timbuk2 in Irish flag colors, cuz damn. Sexy bags. How cool to sport your heritage? Then I could get a sheleighly and beat me some snakes (Catholics)....

SO! Recommendations for baggage? What do you use? You as crazy as me? What's in your bag, monkeys!
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