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Red goblet!

Ren Faire so good. Bough red glass goblet, new Christoph CD, much food. However, I do no appreciate having the worst migraine I have ever had in my life afterward. I don't think I've ever been so incapacitated from one before. I tried to get out for fresh air when Fox stopped about 20 miles outside of Madison. I stood up, leaned against the car and nearly collapsed from the waves of pain.

I remember crawling into a tub. I remember Fox giving me 1500 mg of generic Tylenol. I vaguely remember thrashing around before falling asleep for 13 hours. Blah.

ON the plus side, Christoph the Insulter was damn funny yesterday even when paid to insult a 10 year-old at the adult show (yes, he tried vigorously to get rid of the kid but his guardian was OK with it). We FINALLY saw the Mud show. It was silly (Trojans rule!). Saw a wedding? I think? There was music and lots of people a garb-wearing folks standing in a line.

And I got a red goblet! I'd show pictures but I haven't any. I had zero desire to take pictures yesterday. I got maybe three. Eh.
Rah red goblet!
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